Sailing catamaran CENTAURUS-II

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Since 1998 the sailing catamaran Centaurus-II carries out research and educational activities in the Baltic Sea Region.

Centaurus-II aspires to make a practical contribution to research of the Baltic Sea, paying special attention to development of educational potential of marine expeditions. Centaurus-II develops and carries out research, education and enlightenment projects based on marine field work.

Tasks of the research projects are basically fulfilled by a scientific staff from participating institutions with involvement of a small number of senior year university students. The education projects are founded on research of the Baltic Sea carried out by university students supervised by academics and scientists.

An emphasis in the enlightenment projects is made on work with general public of various age categories.

Centaurus-II cooperates with Russian and foreign universities, research institutes and non-governmental organizations. Historically, the most close connections the Centaurus-II has with the Russian State Hydrometeorological University.

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